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Providing mouth watering, hand-cut Choice and Prime steaks at very reasonable prices is the key goal of Windy City Steak Company. Quality, Taste and Value -- we offer you the finest steaks, cut fresh and shipped from Chicago.

Our pricing is based on market prices, and to give consumers the best value, we adjust our prices monthly to reflect the current market prices. Email or share with us on Facebook pictures of you and your family enjoying a Windy City Steak.

 4 (6 oz.) Filet Mignon   $51.00    

 4 (8 oz) City Strip Steaks   $18.75   

 2 (10 oz.) Ribeye  $27.50

 2 (16 oz.) T-Bones   $41.25   

 2 (10 oz.) Strip Steaks   $25.50  

 2 (24 oz.) Porter House Steaks   52.25   

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If you are looking for fun new ways to prepare your steaks visit the Bones at the Table Blog, written by Jim "Bones" Bona, a former chef and cooking enthusiast. 

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4 (10 oz.) Strip Steaks
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